Fort Klamath Outfitters Presents…..

Bomb or Breathe… Rip or Relax…Fly or Flow…. Your Choice!

Fort Klamath Outfitters
Southern Oregon Flex Tour®

Mix and Match: Pedal, Hike, Float, Ride

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Cyclists, Trail, Bike, Clouds, Nature two groups of people riding on yellow and blue kayaks



Choose your favorite way to enjoy the Southern Oregon Outdoors

  • Bike Ride Amazing Single-Track FLEX difficulty off road only
  • Hike Local Scenic Trails Maps provided FLEX distance and difficulty
  • Kayak or Raft Rivers or Lakes Choose Raft or Kayak and which amazing Southern Oregon Waterway
  • ATV Rides¹ Multi Passenger ATV Tours FLEX location/route choice

Choose your Flex Tour Duration and Difficulty and Food Source

4 hour, 8 hour, or 10 hour

  • Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate
  • BYOF (Bring your own food) or Lunch provided

Go to to to sign up

1. ATV operation provided by local expert operators only